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Options Tab on the Ribbon Bar

Below is a description of all the groups and tools on the Options tab of the Ribbon Bar:


Options Group
Opens the Customize Legacy screen where you can customize the user interface and many other aspects of the program.

Tab Style
Lets you choose from nine different tab styles for all screen that use a tabbed interface.  These tab styles can be used with the Tab Color settings below to create many unique tab looks.

Tab Color
Lets you choose the color scheme for the tabs used in Legacy.  These can be combined with the tab styles above.

Other Options Group
Set Startup Family
Lets you select the Preferred Startup Family for your family file.  This is usually the main starting family of your family.

Set Alarm
Opens the Alarm Center where you can set the alarm time and the message you want to display.

Edit Compiler
Lets you fill in or edit the compiler information for your family file.  This is usually information about you and can be included in the footers of report or on web pages to indicate where the information came from.

QuickDup Options
Opens the Quick Duplicate Check Options Screen where you can edit the options used to display possible duplicate individuals as you are adding new one.

Select Language
The user interface in Legacy is available in many different languages.  This option lets you choose the desired language you want to use.

Change Colors
This puts you into Color Change Mode where you can select from many different color schemes for the user-interface of Legacy.

Exit Group
Exit Legacy
Closes the any family files you have open and then exits and closes Legacy.  If you are using the reminder option to make a backup of your family file(s) when exiting the program, you will be prompted to do so.  See Backup a Family File.