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My Toolbar Tab on the Ribbon Bar

Below is a description of all the default tools on the My Toolbar tab of the Ribbon Bar:


You can customize the My Toolbar tab by clicking on the small icon in the lower-right corner of the Shortcut Toolbar group.  (See Customize My Toolbar for more information.)

Startup Family
Navigates you to the family you have specified as the Startup Family of your family file.  (You can set or change the Startup Family from the Options / Set Preferred Startup Family option.)

Navigates to the previously viewed person in your family file.  Legacy keeps track of the last 200 people you have viewed.

Name List
Takes you to the Name List containing a list of all the individuals in your family file.

Marriage List
Takes you to the Marriage List of all the couples in your family file.

Add Person
Shows you a dropdown menu where you can choose to add a new spouse, child, parent, sibling, or unlinked person to your family file.

Takes you to the Search screen where you can search for individuals or marriages in your family file by various criteria.

Search Results
Takes you to the Search List showing a list of all the individuals found in the last search you did.

Report Menu
Takes you to the Report Menu.

Last Report
Opens the options screen for the last report that you generated.

Lets you start a manual merge, an automatic Find Duplicates merge, or open the Not-Duplicates list.

Displays a dropdown menu where you can choose to Create a Website, go to the Legacy homepage, or search the Internet for the current person.

Legacy Charting
Opens the Legacy Charting feature where you can create stunning wallcharts in many different formats.

Research Guidance
Starts the Research Guidance tool for the current person.

Exit Legacy
Closes the any family files you have open and then exits and closes Legacy.  If you are using the reminder option to make a backup of your family file(s) when exiting the program, you will be prompted to do so.  See Backup a Family File.

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