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Search Tab on the Ribbon Bar

Below is a description of all the groups and tools on the Search tab of the Ribbon Bar:

Find Group
Opens the Search screen where you can search for any information in your family file.

Find Next
If you have searched for something that resulted in multiple records being found, you can move to the next record by clicking this button.

Find Previous
This button moves backwards in the search results list, displaying the previous record.

Census List
This button takes you to the Census List screen where you can search for all the individuals in your family file who should have been alive during a particular census or other type of event at a particular location.

Search List
Opens up the Name List filled with the records from the most recent search command.

Search Group
Search and Replace
Takes you to the Search and Replace screen where you can globally search through your family file and make changes.

Search Internet
Takes you to the Search the Internet screen where you can search many different Internet site for your relatives.

Search FamilySearch
Takes you to the Legacy FamilySearch screen where you can access the Family Tree looking for more family members.

Search Find A Grave
If you click on the top part of this button, you taken to the website to either the memorial for the current person (if they have a memorial number recorded) or to the search screen for the current person.  If you click the bottom part of the button, a popup menu appears where you can choose to go to the memorial or do a search on the site, create a list of people with a Find A Grave memorial, or create a list of deceased people without a Find A Grave memorial.

Search Hashtags
Takes you to the Search Hashtags screen where you can create a search list of one or more hashtags in your family file.

Exit Group
Exit Legacy
Closes the any family files you have open and then exits and closes Legacy.  If you are using the reminder option to make a backup of your family file(s) when exiting the program, you will be prompted to do so.  See Backup a Family File.

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