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Tools Tab on the Ribbon Bar

Below is a description of all the groups and tools on the Tools tab of the Ribbon Bar:

Family File Tools Group
Merge Duplicates
Manual Merge - Select two people who you want to merge together.  See Merging Records.
Find Duplicates - Have Legacy search through your entire family file and find records that might be duplicates.  See Merge/Comparison Options for information on starting this process.
Not-Dup List - Whenever you tell Legacy that two potential duplicate records are not the same person, the pair is added to the Not Duplicates list so that you don't have to compare them again in the future.  You can view this list by choosing the Not-Dup List option.  From here you can remove pairs that you want to start comparing again.

Undo Merge
Whenever you start a merge process, Legacy makes a copy of your family file.  You can restore your family file to the point of the last merge by choosing this tool.  Note: The Undo Merge button only appears when you have an active merge going and chose to do an automatic backup.  When the merge is completed (or canceled), the Undo Merge button disappears.

Set Ancestor Colors
This tool lets you color code the direct-line ancestors of your grandparents or great-grandparents.  This helps you see what ancestral line your are in as you navigate through your family file.  See Color Coding of Ancestors for more information.

Set Relationships
This tools calculates the relationship of all the relatives of a starting person in your family file.  See Setting Relationships for more more information.

Set Direct Line
You can set all your direct-line ancestors of a specific person to be displayed in a bold typeface.  This makes it easy to navigate up an ancestral line and find your way back down to the starting person.  See Set Preferred Line for more information.

Compare Two Files
Using this tool you can compare another family file to your current file to see if there are any duplicate individuals between the two.  See Merge/Comparison Options to start the process.

Potential Problems
Use this tool to find potential problems that have crept into your family file as you entered or imported information.  See Potential Problems Report for more information.

Renumber RINs
As you enter new records into your family file, a record number is automatically assigned to each one.  If you would like to renumber some of these, you can use the Renumbering RINs and MRINs tool.

Calculators Group
Distance and Bearing
This tools is used to find the distance and compass direction between any to locations.  See Distance and Bearing Calculator for more information.

The Relationship Calculator is used to find the relationship between two people in your family file.

The Soundex Calculator is used to find names that sound similar to each other.

Advanced Tools Group
Advanced Tagging
Tagging is used to create groups of records for various purposes including exporting, reporting, and navigation.  See Advanced Tagging for more information on how to use tagging.

Advanced Deleting
You can delete multiple people at once using the Advanced Deleting tool.

Advanced Sourcing
You can quickly assign a source citation to a group of individuals using the Advanced Source Citation tool.

Advanced Set Living
This tool searches your entire family file looking for people who are marked as Living but should obviously be set to Not Living.  See Advanced Set Living for more information.

Place Tools Group
Location Database
The Geo Location Database contains a list of over three and a half million current world location names.

US County Verifier
The USA County Verification List contains information on the creation, combining, and splitting of all counties in the United States.  It is used to verify that when you use a county name in a location, the county actually existed at the time you are using it.

Tools Group
Picture Center
The Picture Center tool is used to link many pictures to many individuals in one place.

Media Relinker
This tool helps to fix the media links in your family file if you have moved pictures or changed computers.  See Media Relinker for instructions on how to use this tool.

Gather Media
If you want to consolidate all the media files linked to your family file, the Gather My Media tool can help you.


Other Tools 
Clear Import Tags  (clears the Imported Tag from all imported individuals)
Global Spell Checking
Source Clipboard
Alternate Name Splitter
Sort Child, Marriage, and Event Lists
Research Tools
Research Guidance
Hire a Researcher

Exit Group
Exit Legacy
Closes the any family files you have open and then exits and closes Legacy.  If you are using the reminder option to make a backup of your family file(s) when exiting the program, you will be prompted to do so.  See Backup a Family File.

10-0566 : 20227 RK