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Reports Tab on the Ribbon Bar

Below is a description of all the groups and tools on the Report tab of the Ribbon Bar:

Reports Group
Pedigree Chart
Opens the Pedigree Chart report options window where you can design and print pedigree charts.

Family Group
Opens the Family Group Records report options screen.

Chart Reports
Opens a submenu where you can choose from the following reports:

Descendant Chart
Individual Chart
Timeline Chart
Ancestor Chart
Lineage Chart

Other Reports
Opens a submenu where you can choose from the following reports:

Address Labels
Calendar Creator
Calendar List
Chronology Comparison Report
Event Report
Family Dictionary
Family Picture Tree
Family Tree Bingo
File IDs
Interview Questions
LDS Ordinance
Location Report
Migration Report
Name Tags
Origins Report
Potential Problems
Relationship Report
Source Citations
Source Labels
Surname Summary
To-Do Report
USA County Verification

Statistics Report
Opens the Family File Statistics screen where you can see many interesting facts about your family file contents.

Book Reports Group
Build Book
See Publishing Center for information on how to create a book combining several different report types.

Ancestor Book
See Ancestor Book Report for information on how to create a narrative type reports of your ancestors.

Descendant Book
See Descendant Book Report for information on how to create a report beginning from a specific person and moving through his or her descendant.

Descendant Narrative Book
See Descendant Narrative Report for information on how to create this type of report.

Multiple Lines of Descent Book
See Multiple Lines of Descent Book for information on how to create a descendant-type of book beginning with multiple starting people.

Blank Charts Group
Questionnaires make it easy to gather information from people who know about your family.  See Questionnaire for more information.

Research Log
Organize your research efforts with a Research Log.  Track the things you do during the research process.  See Blank Research Logs for more information.

Forms Center
Legacy offers many blank forms that can be used to gather information.  See the Forms Center for a complete list of all the forms you can produce.

Wall Charts Group
Legacy Charting
Wall charts are a great way to present graphically all the information you have spent so long collecting.  They tell a story at a glance.  See Charting Overview for more information on how to create many different types of wall charts and how to print them.

Last Report Group
Last Report 
Jump to the options screen of the last report that you produced.

Exit Group
Exit Legacy
Closes the any family files you have open and then exits and closes Legacy.  If you are using the reminder option to make a backup of your family file(s) when exiting the program, you will be prompted to do so.  See Backup a Family File.

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