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    The Statistics feature (which is only available in the Deluxe Edition of Legacy) is reached by clicking the Statistics button on the Reports tab of the Ribbon bar.

Your Family File contains lots of information.  Legacy can gather it all together and show you many interesting statistics about your family. These include things like the number of living and dead people, how many of your relatives were born in each century, who lived the longest, their average lifespan per century, longest and earliest marriages, age at marriage, length of marriages, numbers of children, most popular given and surnames by century, most popular locations and much more.

After gathering all the needed information from your family file, hundreds of statistics are shown in a list, categorized into various groups.  

As you scroll down the list, there are various things you can do:

Tag Interesting Statistics
You can put a checkmark in the Tag column of statistic that you want to include on a report (if you have the Only print tagged statistics on reports option selected.  See the Options section below).  Tagging a group heading tells Legacy to include all the lines within that group.  Tagging a section heading includes all the groups in that section.  

Search Lists
  • Many of the statistic lines, when highlighted, can be used to create a search list.  For example, highlighting a line in the Most Popular Given Names group enables a button to the right titled, Create Search List.  Clicking this button displays a search list of all the individuals with that name.  

    Editing Individuals
    When a line shows a particular individual, like the Longest male lifespan, the button to the right reads, Edit Individual.

    Showing Graphs
    Many of the statistic groups can be shown in graph form.  When a group can be graphed, the Show Graph button is enabled.  Graphs can be shown as flat bar charts, pie charts, 3-D bar charts.  The chart type and chart style can be changed by clicking the appropriate button below the graph.  The graph can be printed by clicking Print Graph.  When you are finished with the graph, click Close Graph.

  • Clear all Tags - Unchecks all the checkboxes on all the statistic lines.
  • Set all tags - Checks all the checkboxes on all the statistic lines.  This would then include all the statistics on a report.
  • Show RINs - If selected, all names and marriages will include a RIN or MRIN number at the end.
  • Only print tagged statistics on reports - If selected (shows a checkmark to the left), only the lines with a checkmark in the Tag column are included on a report.

    Page Setup
    Lets you change the page margins, paper size, orientation and other page related settings.

    You can specify the fonts you want to use when printing the different sections of the report.  

    Printing a Report
    When you have the desired lines tagged, click either the Preview button to see an on-screen view of the report before it is actually printed, or click Print to have the report sent directly to the printer. 

    Note:  The report settings for the Statistics Report are saved in a file called Statistics.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

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