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FamilySearch Login

To use Legacy FamilySearch you must be logged into the website.  If you are not logged in, the FamilySearch Login screen appears.  This screen prompts you for the User name and Password for your FamilySearch account. 

To login to your FamilySearch account, fill in your user name and password and then click OK.  If you have forgotten your user name or password, you can click the Forgot? links to request it be sent to you from FamilySearch.

 If you do not yet have a FamilySearch account, you can set one up by clicking on the Click here to register for new FamilySearch link.

You can have Legacy FamilySearch save your user name and password so that it is faster to login in the future.  If you have chosen to have Legacy save your user name and password, you can also choose to be logged in automatically in the future.  (If you are automatically logged in and need to log off so that you can log in as someone else, you can go to the Home tab and Log Out from the My Account box.  You can then use Log in to go to the regular Login screen.

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