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Picture Options

The Picture Options window is reached by clicking the Set Regular Picture Options or Set Source Picture Options buttons on the Report Options screen when generating a book style report.

Using the picture options,  you can set the size of inline picture on a report, shadows, captions, borders, and resolution. 

Inline Pictures Settings
Picture Size - You can choose between small, medium, or large, or you can set a custom picture size.
Captions, Descriptions, Dates, and Border Lines - You can choose to include any of these pieces when printing each picture.
Shadow Color - Choose to print a drop shadow behind the pictures, how much of an offset to use and how dark the shadow will be.
Picture Reduction Width - This setting determines the resolution of the pictures.  The lower the resolution, the less memory the picture will take in the print preview window - which can have an effect on how many pages you can produce.  (This doesn't really become a problem until you are getting up into the 1000's of pages.)  

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