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Title Page Options

By selecting the checkbox in the upper-left corner of the Title Page button on any of the Book Report screens (Ancestor, Descendant, Descendant Narrative, or Multiple Lines of Descent), you can have Legacy generate a title page for the report.  

These include:

Title-The first four main title lines on the Title Page.  You can customize any title line by adding [replaceable field names].  (See Report Title Options for a complete list of fields available.)  
Subtitle-The subtitle (up to four lines) that prints at the bottom of the Title Page, usually in a small font size.
Picture-You can specify to print a specific picture on the Title Page.
 Caption-Printed under the picture.
 Size-Pictures can be printed small, medium or large in proportion to the page size.
 Shadow-A drop-shadow printed behind the picture.

You can select the font, font size and attributes for the text printed on the Title Page.  Click the appropriate Font button to select the font name and size.  To change the attributes, select from Bold, Italic, and Underline.