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Bad Date Search

Legacy supports many different formats for both inputting and displaying dates in the program.  You can enter dates in almost any conceivable format and they are reformatted to a consistent format of your selection.   (See Customize Dates for more information.)  You can, however, enter dates that are not formatted properly or are not recognized by Legacy.  Legacy will often be able to use portions of these dates for sorting purposes but the date as a whole is not accepted as properly entered.  For example, by the end of 1845, is not a recognized date (although Legacy will consider it as 1845 for sorting purposes).  Another way to end up with "bad" dates is by importing them through GEDCOM files.

You can have Legacy search for all individuals and marriages that have unrecognized dates by using the All Records with Bad Dates option on the Search option.  This will find all individuals who have an unrecognized date anywhere in their information.  (See the Miscellaneous Searches tab description of the Searching topic for more information.)

The Bad Date Search is started by choosing Find from the Search tab of the Ribbon bar and then clicking on the Miscellaneous tab on the Search screen.  Next, select the All records with bad dates option in the Entire Family File box and then click Find First or Create List at the bottom.

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