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Source Detail Comments


The Source Detail Comments window is reached by clicking the Comments button on the Source Clipboard window.

Adding Comments to a Source Detail
The Comments window is like a small word processor that can be used to keep any additional information that you want on the source detail.

Editing Comments
You can use all the standard Windows editing features in the different note fields.  After highlighting text, you can cut, copy or paste by pressing CTRL-X, CTRL-C and CTRL-V, respectively.  You can delete highlighted text by pressing DEL.  (Using the right-click menu, all these can be done with the mouse.)

Loading Text Files into the Comments
If you have a text file you would like to load into a comments field, click the Read button and specify the name of the file to read.

Saving Comments to a Disk File
You can save a comment field to a text file by clicking the Write button.  Legacy prompts for a file name and location and then saves the entire comments field contents to an ASCII text file.

Printing the Comments
You can print the contents of a text file by clicking the Print button.

Spell Checking
Click the Spell Check button to check the spelling of your comments.  See Spell Checking for more information.

Deleting Comments
To delete the entire contents of a comments field, highlight all the text and press DEL.

Expanding the Comments Window
You can expand the size of the comments window by dragging any border or corner to a new location.  The size of everything in the window expands (or contracts).