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Import Individuals from FamilySearch

The Import Individuals from FamilySearch screen is reached by clicking the Import Tree button on the main Information section of Legacy FamilySearch screen.  

The import screen allows you to import up to 200 generations of a family from the FamilySearch Family Tree database into your Legacy family file. The import can start from yourself or from any other individual who is linked to someone in your Legacy family file.

Starting Person
Yourself - choose this option to start the import from you.  This is normally how you would start to gather information from FamilySearch to put into a new, empty (other than yourself) family file in Legacy.

FamilySearch ID - This starts the import from a specific person in the FamilySearch Family Tree for whom you know the FamilySearch ID.  Enter the ID into the text box and then click Verify to make sure you entered the correct ID.  Legacy checks the ID and displays the name and life range of the matching individual.

Current person selected in Legacy FamilySearch - This starts the import from the highlighted person in the Name List.  This option is only available if the current person has been linked to a person in FamilySearch.

Ancestor Generations - Select from between 1 and 200 generations of ancestors to import.  Legacy FamilySearch will attempt to import the number of generations you select if they are all available.  Note.  If you select a large number of generations, it could take hours or days to complete the operation.  It is often best to import perhaps 10 generations at a time.  You can always import more later after you have processed the current batch.

Assign source citations to imported data - This adds a standard FamilySearch source citation to each person imported so that you will know where the information came from.

Include spouses of children - Imports the spouses of the children, if there are any.

Check for duplicates for each person - During the import, Legacy FamilySearch checks for possible duplicates and places the duplicate icon next to their names in the Name List.

Include Temple Ordinances - Imports any ordinance temple and date information for each person.