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Logging In and Out of FamilySearch

When you first start Legacy FamilySearch, you are prompted to enter your FamilySearch user name and password.  After doing so, you are logged into the system so that Legacy has complete access to all the information it contains.  You can then match your Legacy people to their corresponding counterparts in FamilySearch, copy information, including people, from Legacy to FamilySearch (or vise versa), reserve temple ordinances and print temple cards (if you are LDS), and many other things.  The Login screen can also be reached at any time by choosing the Log in option in the My Account box on the Home tab of the main Legacy FamilySearch window.

To Log In to FamilySearch
To log into your FamilySearch account, enter your user name and password and then click OK.  The user name and password were set up when you first registered for a FamilySearch account.  If you don't have a FamilySearch account, you can easily create one by clicking on the Click here to register for new FamilySearch link.

Saving Your User Name and Password
To make it easier to log in to FamilySearch in the future, you can have Legacy save your user name and password and automatically fill them in for you when you use the system again.  To save this information, select Save User name and Password.

Automatic Login
If you are having Legacy save your user name and password, you can also choose to skip the log in screen and be connected automatically in the future.  Click Automatically login to FamilySearch to select this option.

Proxy Settings
Under certain circumstances, if you are using a proxy server to access the Internet, you might have to specify some additional information.  To enter the information for this type of proxy server connection, click the Proxy Settings button.  See Proxy Settings for more information.

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