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Legacy FamilySearch Options

The Legacy FamilySearch Options screen is shown when you choose Options... from the Tools dropdown menu on the Legacy FamilySearch screen.

There are many options you can select to customize your experience while using Legacy FamilySearch:

Display task tips - The task tips summarizes what each or the four main tasks are.  They are shown at the top of the main information area of the screen while you are in Tasks mode (have the main Tasks tab selected).  After you become familiar with what each task is and no longer need or want the tips, turning them off results in a little more room for the information in the main section.

Display focus change dialog to check for changes in Legacy

Display "/" characters around surnames -  This is a good way to differentiate between given names and surnames. For example, the name Kelly could be a given name or a surname. If you saw the name /Kelly/, you would know that the individual had a surname of Kelly and no given name.

When using this option you have the choice of where to implement it:
Show in individual list
Show when comparing individuals
Show in small pedigree chart in lower-left of screen

Display FamilySearch IDs on names - Displays the number at the end of each name that has a FamilySearch ID linked to it.

Fill Colors - You can set and change the cell background colors used for various purposes such as showing the matching information or differences in information between the Legacy Person and the FamilySearch person.

Individual List Colors - You can set the color used for the percentage complete indicators.   In addition, you can choose between a percentage bar that uses the full height of the name cells or a thinner line indicator that is displayed just below the names.

Gender Colors - You can set the text color used for male and female to easily tell them apart.

To reset all the colors to the Legacy defaults, click Reset colors.

Display Help Tip when Reserving Ordinances - Displays an explanation of the current step when reserving an ordinance.

How often to refresh ordinance information - By default, Legacy FamilySearch rereads the ordinance information for individual once per day.  This way you know that the information you are seeing is no older than 24 hours.  Downloading current information takes a bit of time depending on your Internet connection speed.  If you feel comfortable extending the time between refreshes, select the option you would like to use.

When you have finished selecting the options you want to use, click OK to save them and return to the main screen.