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Select An Action to Perform

The Select an action to perform screen is shown when you click the or icon next to a piece of information on the main Legacy FamilySearch screen when you are on the Share Data tab.

This screen is used to specify how you want to copy information between Legacy and FamilySearch.  The details of the information that is currently being copied is displayed in the upper list.  Below that list is the Actions list.  This list contains all the various actions that can be performed during the copy and will vary depending on what kind of information you are copying and in which direction (Legacy to FamilySearch or FamilySearch to Legacy).  

Sometimes there is only one action shown, for example:
Add name "Asa Clark Brown" to FamilySearch

Sometimes there are more:
Link to Molly Clark
Add parent with Molly Persons Clark as the mother

To select an action, click on it and then click Select Action.  (You can also just double-click on the action to select it.)

Source Citation Options
When you are adding or replacing information, you can attach a source citation to it.  This helps to document where the information came from and helps others to verify the information.  You are given the choice to:
Do not create a citation - copies the information without attaching a citation.
Automatically create a citation for me
Create a citation and let me edit it - when this option is selected, the Edit Source Details screen appears when you click the Select Action button.