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Event Details

The Event Details screen is displayed when you are on the Legacy FamilySearch window, on the Share Data tab and you click the icon to the right of an information line on the FamilySearch Person.

What is shown 

FamilySearch event details - shows the name of the event and all the details attached to the event.  For a name, only the full name is shown.  For an event, like a Birth for example, the list may include the description, date, and place.

Contributors - shows who contributed information for this event.  Because there are lots of people contributing lots of information to the FamilySearch database, there can be multiple people contributing to any particular piece of data.  The information includes the names of the contributors, sometimes their phone numbers and addresses, and usually their email address.  Using this information you can contact a person to coordinate your research with theirs.

 Note:  If you click on an email address, it starts an email message to the person.

Click Close when you are finished and want to return to the Share Data screen.