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Legacy FamilySearch - Select a Person

The Select a Person screen is displayed when you are on the Filter Options screen and you click the Select person from List button to choose a starting person.

What the List Shows
The list is made up of six columns:
RIN - the record identification numbers assigned to each person in your family file.
Name - the names of the individuals.
Born - the birth year of the person, if known.
Sync Icon - an indication of the sync status for each person.  Two green arrows means that the Legacy person's information and the FamilySearch information are synchronized.  A red right arrow means that the Legacy person has information that FamilySearch does not.  A red left arrow means that FamilySearch has information that the Legacy person does not.
Duplicates Icon - If the icon is displayed it means that there are uncombined
Temple Ordinance Icon - shows the current status of each person's ordinances.

Information Area
To the right of the list is the information area that shows the name of the currently highlighted person in the list, his or her vital information, the FamilySearch ID number, and a Living indicator.

Mini Pedigree Chart
Below the information area is a 3-generation pedigree mini-chart that can be used to navigate to ancestors and descendants of the current person.   If you click on any of the names of the ancestors in the mini-chart, that person will move down to the starting position.  To navigate to younger generations, click the left arrow to the left of the starting person.  When you do this a menu is displayed containing all the spouses and children of the current starting person.  Clicking on any of the names selects that person to move to the starting position.  You can continue to navigate up or down the line until you find the person you are looking for.

Choosing a Person
You can choose a person from this screen in several different ways.  Ultimately you must find the person in the list and then choose him or her by either double-clicking on the name or by clicking the Select button.

Sorting the List
You can sort the list by RIN number, Given name, or Surname by clicking on the appropriate button above the list.

To find the desired person in the list you can:

Look in the list - look up and down in the list until you find the person you are looking for. 
Search by RIN, Given name, or Surname - start typing what you are looking for in the textbox to the right of the #, Given, or Surname buttons. As you type, the closest matching name will be highlighted in the list.
Use the mini-Pedigree chart - navigate up and down through ancestors and descendants to find the desired person.

When you find the person you are looking for, select him or her by either double-clicking on the name in the list or highlight the name in the list and click Select.