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Chronology Comparison Report 

- The Chronology Comparison screen (which is only available in the Deluxe Edition of Legacy) can be reached from several places in Legacy:
  • From the Chronology View:  Click the Options button in the lower-right corner and choose Compare Two People
  • From the Reports tab of the ribbon bar, choose Other Reports > Chronology Comparison Report.
  • From the Merge Information Report screen, select the Chronology Comparison Report option before clicking the Print or Preview button.

    The Chronology Comparison Report is produced from the Chronology View screen.  

    The Chronology Comparison Report combines the names, surrounding family, and events of two people and displays them side-by-side in date order making it much easier to see if they are really the same person and should be merged together.  When matching events are lined up next to each other with the same date, the backgrounds are colored either green, yellow, or red.  Green means the events are the same.  Yellow means that they are close or that there is no matching event on both sides.  Red means that the events are incompatible.

    Who Do You Want to Compare?
    When you first come into the Chronology Comparison screen you must select the two people to be compared.  If you entered this screen from the Chronology View, the left person will already be selected from the current person on that screen.  If entering from the Merge screen, both the left and right persons will be selected.  Entering from the Other Reports option will require you to select both individuals.

    To select a person, click the Select Left Person or Select Right Person button.  This displays the Name List where you can choose the desired person.  The name of each selected person is shown in blue (for male individuals) or red (for female individuals).  If you see one blue name and one red name you may have made a mistake (either in who you selected or in how the genders were set).  The background color for mismatched gender names will show as red.

  • Name Format - Given name(s), Surname or Surname, Given name(s).
  • Include RINS - Show the RIN numbers after the names.
  • Column Widths - Each side of the report contains four columns, date, event name, place, and person name (if applicable).  You can adjust the percentage of the room each column takes by using the up and down arrows next to the percentage numbers for each column.  The values automatically adjust themselves to equal 100% when all are added together.  

    Tip:  The report is set to print in landscape mode by default.  This gives the columns more room.  If you want to allow for even more room, use the Page Setup option to increase the paper size to the widest that your printer allows, even if you don't have that size paper.  This lets you see the most in print preview mode.  (If you plan on printing the report you will have to set the paper width back to the size you actually have in your printer.  Longer fields will automatically wrap to subsequent lines.)

    Print Color Legend - Includes a legend at the bottom of the first page explaining what each cell background color means.

    Display Options
    You can select and deselect the surrounding family and information that is included on the comparison report.  See Chronology Display Options for more information concerning these options.

    Page Setup
    The Page Setup screen allows you to change margins, paper orientation, paper size, borders, headers, page numbering and footers.  (See Page Setup for more information.)

    Printer Setup
    Lets you change the page size before generating the report.  You can also change the target printer and its specific settings.

    Change Fonts
    You can specify the font name, size and style to be used on the Chronology Comparison Report.  See Report Fonts for more information.

    Note:  The settings for the Chronology View Options screen are saved in a file called ChronComp.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

    To reset the report back to its default settings, click Reset.

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