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Open File

The Open File window appears when you do one of the following:
Select Open File from the File tab of the Ribbon bar.  
Select Import from the File tab of the Ribbon and then choose:
GEDCOM file...
PAF 2.3 or Ancestral Quest 2 file...
PAF 3, 4, 5  or Ancestral Quest 3 file...

You can either:
Select the file using the Windows dialog box - where you choose the drive, folder, and file name to open.
Have Legacy create a list of files to choose from - where Legacy will collect and display a list of all the appropriate files from all the drives on your computer.

If you want to always have Legacy use one or the other options, mark your choice in the In the Future box.  (This can be reset by choosing Customize from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar and then clicking the long button in option 12.5 Message boxes.  The option to reset is at the bottom of the Messages tab.

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