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Query By Example

To use Query-By-Example, simply fill in any field information you want to search for on the form and click Find First.  Legacy displays the first individual who matches ALL the information you entered.

The search screen is reached by clicking the Search icon on the main view or the Search icon on the Name List.  You can also choose Find from the Search tab on the Ribbon bar.  Click the Query by Example tab

1. Fill in one or more fields with the information you want to find.
2. Select Male, Female or Either
3. Select one of the How to Find options.  Exact means to look for only what you typed.  Searching for a last name of Roberts will only find Roberts, not Robertson.  Starts With means to find records where the information starts with what you typed.  Searching for a given name of "B" will find all names that begin with B.  Anywhere in field means to look for what you typed at any position in the field.  Searching for "abe" would find Abe, Abel, Mabel, Faber, etc.  (Note: Anywhere in field does not apply to Date fields.)
4. Start the search.
One at a Time
To display the records one at a time, click Find First.  Legacy will find the first person matching the search criteria and display that individual on the screen in the current Family or Pedigree view.  You can then press F3 to move to the next person matching the search.  Shift-F3 moves backwards though the group.

Creating a List
To create a list containing all the individuals who match the search criteria, click Create List.  If you are creating a list, you can either begin a new list, add to an existing list or search a previously created search result group.  

Clear Search List before this search:  This option clears any existing search list before doing the current search.  The resulting search list will only contain the people from the current search.

Add results to existing Search List: Any previous search list is kept and the current search results are added to it.  This way you can combine two or more subsets of people into one list.

Only search the Search List:  This option causes Legacy to restrict its search to the existing search list.  For example, if the previously search list contains all the people born in Boston and you are now searching for all people that died of cancer, the result will be all the people who were born in Boston and died of cancer.

More Detail
If you click More Detail, the How to Find box disappears and a set of radio buttons appears next to each field on the search screen.   These are labeled, EQ, Starts and In.  This lets you specify the type of search you want to do for each field, instead of all the fields as a whole.  For example, you could search for records with a Last name equal to "Jones" with Given names starting with "A".

Other types of searches are:
Detailed Searching
Miscellaneous Searches
Missing Sources
Missing Information