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How to Use the Name List

The Name List is an index of all the individuals in the family file.  It can be displayed from several places in Legacy.

To use the Name List from the Family/Pedigree View:

1. Click the Name List button on the View tab of the Ribbon bar.  The Name List window appears.  
2. The list on the left is a list of all the names contained in the family file.  The window on the right has six or eight tabs (eight, if LDS options are set).  These tabs are named Detail, Edit, Events, Notes, Family, Sources, LDS, and Temple. When selected, these tabs display specific information concerning the currently highlighted person. (The detail information shown can be changed to display other information.  Individual information can be added and edited on the other tabs. See The Name List for instructions on how to do this.)  
3. Double-clicking on any name in the list selects it to be placed in either the Husband or Wife box on the Family View or the head position of the Pedigree View.
4. Search for names by surname in the list by clicking the cursor in the Last field at the top of the window and typing in a name.  The name must be entered with the last name first, followed by a comma and then the given name(s).  As you type, Legacy displays the nearest matching record in the list.
5. Search by given names by clicking in the First field and then typing the desired given name followed by a comma and the surname.
6. Jump quickly down into the list where the surnames (last names) begin with any letter you choose.  Just click the appropriate letter button above the list.
7. Tag and untag individual names in the list by double-clicking in the desired tag column of each name.   (In the Deluxe Edition of Legacy you can select from nine tags.  The Standard Edition has only three.)  You can also tag entire families and family lines by using the Advanced Tagging feature available from the Options button at the bottom of the screen.  (See Advanced Tagging for more information on how to use this powerful feature.)

Other Options:
Record tasks that need to be done by clicking the To-Do button.
Open a menu by clicking the Options button that lets you:
Include Alternate Names in the Name List.
Show User ID # in List.  This toggles back and forth between Show RIN in List and Show User ID # in List.
Edit the highlighted individual on the Name List.
Delete the highlighted individual on the Name List.
Delete all individuals who are tagged or in the current Search List (See Advanced Deleting).
Tag or untag individuals, families, ancestors, descendants, etc. (See Advanced Tagging).
Assign a source citation to multiple, tagged records.  (See Advanced Sourcing.)
Set the Living status to "Yes" or "No" for individuals who are tagged or who are on the Search List.
Set a bookmark on the highlighted individual 
Return quickly to a bookmarked individual after exploring.
Customize the Detail settings to suite your preferences.
Change the size of the font on the Name List (Zoom).
Open a menu by clicking the Search button that lets you:
Open the Search window to perform three types of searches: Query by Example, Detailed Searches, and Miscellaneous Searches by clicking the Find option. (See Searching for Individuals for more information.) 
Show the current Search List by clicking Show Search List.
Show All Tagged records.
Show All Untagged records.
Search Internet for Current Person
Search Legacy Index CDs (if you have any).
You can print a report containing all the names in the list along with their details by clicking the Print button.

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