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How to Use Right-Click Menus

Right-click menus, also known as shortcut menus or context menus, provide a quick way to select from the available options for a particular task.  These floating menus are displayed over a form, independent of any menu or toolbar.  The options displayed on the menu depend on where the mouse pointer was when the right mouse button was clicked.  Right-click menus are a powerful way to access the many features of Legacy.  Here are some examples of right-click menus:

On the Family View:
  • While on the Family View, right-click on the background between the boxes.  A shortcut menu appears with options to Change Color Scheme, Change Family File, Split Screen View, and Close this Family/Pedigree View.  While on the Pedigree View the menu contains the above plus Toggle Display of 4/5 Generations and Zoom Lists
  • Right-click on the large rectangle in the Husband box on the Family View.  The menu contains Edit (name), Edit Marriage, Add, View, Notes, Pictures, Tag, Delete, and Unlink.  All these options are available from one place.  You don't have to go searching through all the menus on the menu bar or help screens trying to figure out how to do something. 
  • Right-click on a child name in the child list.  The shortcut menu contains Edit (name), Add Brother, Add Sister, Notes, Pictures, Tag, Set to Preferred Child, Children's Settings, Delete, and Unlink from Parents.

    Many windows have right-click menus.  If in doubt, try right-clicking on something.

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