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How to Start a New Family File

If you want to begin entering family names into an empty file, you must first create a new family file.  New family files can also be created while importing a GEDCOM or PAF file.  (For general information on importing files, see either Importing a GEDCOM file or Importing a PAF file.  For tutorial help on importing, see How to Import a GEDCOM File or How to Import a PAF File.)

Here is how you create a new Family File:

1. From the File tab on the Ribbon bar, click New Family File.  The Legacy Guided Startup Wizard screen appears.  The wizard takes you step-by-step through the process of starting a new family file.  See Guided Setup Wizard for complete instructions.

If you have turned off the use of the Guided Setup Wizard, you can turn it back on from Options > Customize > Other tab where you then click the Turn on or off Optional Reminder Messages button and then reselect the Prompt to use the Guided Setup Wizard when starting a new family file option near the bottom of the list.

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