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How to Show Relationships

Legacy can show you how people are related to each other.  Relationships can be figured for the blood relatives of a source person as well as non-blood-related relationships through marriages.  The spouses of aunts, uncles, and cousins are also shown, although they are not actually related.  (See Relationship Report for more information.  There is also a Relationship Diagram Report available.) 

To calculate relationships to a specific individual:

1. From the Family View, make sure the individual you want to be the source person is in either the Husband or Wife box.  From the Pedigree View, highlight the desired person by clicking on their name.
2. From the Tools tab of the Ribbon bar, choose Set Relationships.  The Set Relationships window appears.  Make sure the correct individual is shown as the Source.
3. Click the Set Relationships button.  Legacy calculates the relationship of all blood relatives to the Source person.  The relationship is shown above the Husband and Wife boxes on the Family View

If you import individuals, or link in a line, you must rebuild the relationships.

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