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How to Print a Report

Legacy offers a wide variety of reports.  (See Report Menu for a complete list and more information.)

To Print a Report:

1. To print one of the standard reports, including Family Group Record, Pedigree, Individual, Descendant, Timeline, Ancestor or Lineage, click the Reports button on the button bar.  (Click on any of these report types for more information.)  The Select a Report window appears.
2. Click the tab for the type of report you want to print.
3. Review the options and make any setting changes desired.
4. To print the report, click the Preview or Print button.

Several other reports can also be printed from the Report Menu.  These include an Ancestor Book, Descendant Book, Census Forms, Questionnaires, Research Log, Source Citation Listing, Potential Problems and LDS Ordinances.  These are found on the Books / Other tab and also on the Report menu.  (Click on any of these report types for more information.)

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