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How to Merge Duplicate Individuals

To read why merging individuals is sometimes necessary, see Merging.

To begin the process of merging duplicate individuals in your Family File:

1. Choose Merge Duplicates > Find Duplicates from the Tools tab of the Ribbon bar.  A message appears to remind you that it is a good idea to have a backup copy of your family file before going through a merge.  Legacy offers to automatically make a backup copy of your family file whenever you begin a merge but this file is only kept until you exit Legacy.  If you want to keep a permanent backup, you should cancel the process and use the File / Backup Family File option.
2. From the Merge Options screen, select the criteria you want to use when searching for duplicates (or use the Defaults).  (See Merge Options for more information.)
3. Click the Continue button.  Legacy searches through the family file to find duplicate individuals according to the criteria you specified.  The first two are displayed on the screen in the Merge Two Individuals window.

4. Compare the two individuals to see if you think they are the same person.  You can view all of each person's information by selecting the different tabs along the top of the window.  (See Merging Records for more information.)
5. If you decide the two individuals are the same person, click the Merge Right Individual into Left Individual button.  The next two matches are then displayed.
6. Continue merging until no more pairs are displayed.

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