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How to Link in Existing Individuals

When you add an individual into a particular position in the family file you can either add a new person, or link to an existing individual who is already in the family file.

To link to an existing person as a spouse:
1. Click the husband's Spouses or wife's Spouses button on the Husband or Wife box.  The Wives of or Husbands of box appears.  
2. Click the Add New Husb or Add New Wife button.  The Add Husband or Add Wife screen appears.
3. Click Link to an EXISTING person.  The Name List appears. 
4. Select the desired individual from the list by highlighting the name and clicking Select in the upper-right corner, or by double-clicking the name.  The individual is linked in as a spouse.

To link in an individual as a child:

1. Click on an empty child space and choose Link to Existing Son or Link to Existing Daughter.
2. Continue by following the instructions above for linking in a spouse.

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