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How to Find Potential Problems

A problem report runs through your family file and checks the information it contains for some common and sometimes unnoticed discrepancies like a child with a birth date before the parents were born or after they died.

To print the Potential Problems Report:
1. From the Reports menu, choose Potential Problems.
2. On the Options tab, make sure the settings are acceptable.
3. On the Records tab, select the records you want to check.
4. Check the Summary Style box if you want the report in short form.
5. Click the Page Setup and Change Fonts buttons to make sure the settings are correct.
6. When you are ready to print the report, click either the Preview or Print button.  Legacy checks the appropriate records and produces a report on its findings.

The Potential Problems report can also be sent to a disk file if needed.  To do this, change the Report Destination setting in the lower-right corner to ASCII Text File.  When you do this, the Print button changes to Create.  To produce the report, click the Create button and specify a location and a file name.  The report is sent to this file instead of the screen or printer.

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