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How to Export a GEDCOM File

If you want to send some or all of the information in your Family file to someone who is not using Legacy, you can do so by exporting a GEDCOM file.  (If you are sending all your information to someone using Legacy, the easiest way is to just send them a copy of the family file.  If you want to just send part of the file, such as a particular person and their ancestors, you can tag those people and export a GEDCOM file from the tagged records.)

To export a GEDCOM file:

1. Choose Export > GEDCOM File from the File tab on the Ribbon bar. The GEDCOM Export window appears.
2. In the Produce file for: box, select the type of GEDCOM you want to produce from the combo box.  The choice depends where you plan to send the file.  (See Exporting GEDCOM Files for more information.)
3. Click the Record Selection button to specify if you are exporting All Records in the Entire Family File or some smaller subset.
4. When you are ready to export, click the Enter File Name and START EXPORT button.  Legacy prompts you for a file name and location, and then creates the GEDCOM file for you.

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