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How to Enter Notes for an Individual 

Legacy provides three note pads for each individual: general, research, and medical.  A notepad is also provided for marriage information. 

To enter notes for an individual:

1. Click the Note icon from either the Family View or the Information window.  The Notes window appears.   
2. Click the tab for the kind of notes you want to enter.
3. Type in the notes.
4. When you are finished, click the Save button.

Other Options:
Check spelling by clicking the Spell Check button. (Or press F7.)
Wrap the lines in the Notes window by clicking the Wordwrap button.
Erase all information in the Notes windows by clicking the Clear button.
Read text in from a separate text file by clicking the Read button.  You are prompted for the name of the text file, after which the text is added to the end of the note field.
Save the text in the note field to a text file by clicking the Write button.  After specifying a name, the file is written to disk.
Print the note text by clicking the Print button.
Change the lettering size in the note field by clicking the Zoom button.  A small window appears where you can specify the font size.
Add a note source by clicking the Source button.

(See Notes for more information.)

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