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How to Document Your Information

Keeping track of the sources of your information is vitally important.  It helps you to know where you have looked, adds credibility to your research and helps others to verify the information.

To add source documentation to your information:
1. With the individual in the Husband or Wife box in the Family View, click the Sources icon.
2. The Assigned Sources screen appears.  The list at the top shows each event along with whatever source citations have been assigned.  There is a general category called Unspecified that can be used to document the person's information as a whole instead of piece-by-piece.
3. Highlight the line you want to connect a source to by clicking on it.
4. Click Cite a Master Source to specify a source that you have used before, or Add a NEW Source to create a new source entry.
5. If you are citing a source that is already in the Master Source List, select the appropriate source.
6. If you are adding a new source entry, fill in the source information.
7. Enter the Detail information.  This is usually a page number or microfilm item number.

You can continue to add as many sources as you have.  Each event can have zero or more source citations.  You can also display the Assigned Sources screen from the Pedigree View by clicking the Sources icon on the Siblings / Information screen.  The Marriage Information, Events, Alternate Names, and LDS Ordinance screens also have a Sources icon for entering citations for the information.  

(See Defining or Editing a Master Source or Citing the Sources of Your Information for more details.)

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