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How to Display Another Family/Pedigree View

Legacy allows you to have up to six Family/Pedigree Views of a family file showing at the same time.  These can either be tiled on the screen (all showing on the screen at once), or overlapped, letting you click the one you want to see fully displayed.  You can also have up to two different family files open at the same time.  This lets you compare and navigate through them separately.

To open another Family/Pedigree View of the same Family file:

1. From the View tab on the Ribbon bar, select Split Screen.  A second Family/Pedigree View appears and is tiled on the screen next to the existing view.

2. A box appears asking if you want to open a different family file.  To open another Family/Pedigree View of a different family file click Yes, and select the name of the second family file you want to display.

3. If you would like to maximize a particular view, click the Maximize button in the upper-right corner of the Family/Pedigree window.

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