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How to Customize Legacy

Many of the features in Legacy can be customized to your own liking.  These include:

How the screens look.
How surnames are printed
Where the button bar is located
If tool help should be displayed
If pop-up information boxes should be displayed

Data Entry/Edit
Should new names and locations be verified
Should notes be offered when saving an individual
Capitalization of names and places
Should LDS ordinance information fields be shown
How the Enter key behaves

Date format to be used
Should double-dating be used
Should dates be checked for validity

Colors and Fonts
The background colors for certain windows
The fonts to be used on the screen and on reports

Default location for your Family Files
Where picture and sound files are located

To reach the Customize section, choose Customize from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar.

(See Customizing for more information.)

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