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How to Copy From One File to Another

When you have two family files open at the same time, you can drag a name, a family, or an entire line from one file to the other.

To copy information from one family file to another by dragging:

1. Open two copies of the current family file by selecting View / Split Screen.  (For more information on how to do this, see How to Display Another Family/Pedigree View.)
2. Change one of the views to another family file by highlighting it and then choosing Open Family File from the File tab on the Ribbon bar.  (Again, see page 43.)
3.  From either the Family or Pedigree View, drag a name from one view over to the other and drop it on top of another name, or on the background.  (To start a drag operation, hold down the left mouse button over the name and move the mouse slightly until a shadow box appears.  You can then drag the box over to the other view and drop it by releasing the mouse button.)
4. Legacy now pops up the Copy Between Family Files window.  From here you can choose the individual, family, or line you want to copy.
5. To copy just the individual you moved over, click the Just the Individual Above button.  To copy the family of the selected individual, click the Family button.  To copy the ancestors of the selected person, click the Ancestors button.  To copy the descendants, click the Descendants button.  To copy the entire family line of the selected person, click the Entire Family Line button.  And finally, to copy everyone in the entire file, click the Everyone in File button.  Some of the buttons (Family, Ancestors, and Descendants) prompt you for a little more information on who exactly to include.
6. When you have selected all the people you want to copy, click the Start Copy button.  Legacy then copies all the selected individuals and families to the other family file.
7. If you dropped the first name on top of another name in the other family file, you will automatically be taken to the Merge section.  If you dropped the name on the background, Legacy will ask if you would like to merge records.  (See How To Merge Duplicate Individuals for instructions on how to proceed with the merge option.)

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