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How to Add the First Individual

You should begin by adding either a male individual on the left side in the Husband position or a female on the right in the Wife position.  This is true even if you don't know the person's spouse or if the person has no spouse.
Here is how you enter a person in the Male or Female box:

1. With the mouse cursor, click anywhere to the right of the labels in the Male/Female box.  As soon as you click here, it turns blue, and the husband's/Wife's Information window appears.
2. Enter the given names of this individual if you know them.
3. Move to the next field, which is the Surname field, by pressing the tab key or by clicking inside the field with the mouse.
4. Enter the last name. 
5. Continue entering all the information you have.  (See Other Options below.)

Other Options
The Events box below the regular information fields is used to record other occurrences in the person's life.  These might include things like adoptions, graduations, awards, etc.  (For more information on how to enter an event, see How to Add New Events to an Individual.

You can add:
  • other names by which the individual was known by clicking the AKA icon.
  • an address for the individual by clicking the Address icon.   This can include a customized name, three address lines, two phone numbers, e-mail, and home page address.

    You can enter:
  •  various notes for an individual by clicking the Notes icon.    (See How to Enter Notes for an Individual for more details.) 
  • enter the source(s) of the information by clicking the Sources icon. (See How to Document Your Information for more information.)

    You can attach pictures, sounds, videos, and documents to the individual by clicking the Pictures icon.  (See How to Add a Picture for more details.)

    You can use the pop-up calendar to assist you in finding dates by clicking the Calendar icon.  The pop-up calendar also includes a date calculator that is useful in figuring birth date, death dates and ages when you have incomplete information. (See Calendar and Date Calculator for more information.)

    You can create a To-Do list of tasks, like finding a birth certificate, by clicking the To-Do List icon. (See To-Do Lists for more details.)

    You can add LDS ordinance information by clicking the Temple icon.  (See LDS Information for more information.)

    When you are finished, click the Save button.

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