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How to Add Sound to a Picture

You can attach sound files to a picture that can be played if you have sound capability in your computer.

To Attach a Sound File:
1. From the Family View, make sure the individual is in either the Husb or Wife box and then click the Media Gallery button from the toolbar below their box.  The Media Gallery appears.
2. Choose Options > Edit button.  The picture appears in the Display Picture window.
3. Click the Sound... button.  The Sound Center box appears.

To Load an Existing Sound File:
1. To load an existing sound file, click the Load button.
2. From the Load Sound File dialog box, locate and select the sound file you want to add.  The Load Sound File box then disappears.
3. To listen to the sound, click Play.
4. To return to the Display Picture window, click Close.

To Record a New Sound File:
1. If you have a microphone connected to your computer, click Record.
2. You now have up to two minutes to record something.  A time meter shows how much time has elapsed.
3. When you are finished recording, click Stop.
4. To listen to the recording, click Play.
5. To save the recording, click Save.  The Save Sound File dialog box appears.
6. Specify the location and name for the recording and click OK.  The recording is saved and you are returned to the Display Picture window.

(See Recording Sounds for more information.)

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