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How to Add New Events to an Individual

An event is something that happened in an individual's life.  Events like graduations, blessings, ordinations, bar mitzvahs, retirement and the like can be recorded here.  (The act of being born is also an event but since everyone has a birth date, Legacy provides a dedicated field for it as well as for the other vital events of christening, death and burial.  (Christening is included because it is often the only information available to document a birth.) You could, however, record conflicting birth information as an event.)  

To add a new event to an individual:

1. From the Information window, click the Add button inside the Events box.  The Add Event window appears.
2. Either type in the name of the event in the Event field, or click the Down arrow to the right of the Event field to see a list of predefined event names. 
3. Enter the date of the event in the Date field.
4. Enter the location of the event in the Place field.
5. Add any other descriptive text you want in the Notes field.
6. Click the Spell Check button to check spelling of text in the Notes field. (Or press F7.)
7. Click the Wordwrap button to remove all single carriage returns (double carriage returns are left as is).
8. Click the Add Another button to immediately enter another event.
9. Click the Clear button to erase all information on the Event screen.
10. If you want to mark this event as private, click the Private Event option in the lower-right corner.
11. Click the Help button for online help.
12. When you are finished, click the Save button.

Other Options
Edit existing event information by clicking the Edit button.

Select the following additional options by clicking the Options button:
Swap Alternate Birth,
Christening, Death
or Buried information with preferred Birth, Christening, Death, or Buried information.

Sort the existing events by name or date.

Delete an event.

Change the size of the event list lettering by clicking the Zoom button.

(See Add or Edit an Event for more information.)

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