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How to Add Marriage Information

After you have entered the Husband and/or the Wife, you can enter their marriage information.  This includes when and where they were married.

To enter the Marriage Information:

1. Click the Marriage Information button in the middle of the main window, just below the Husband and Wife boxes  (They have changed from Male and Female to Husband and Wife).  The Marriage Information window appears.
2. Fill in the marriage date, if known.
3. Tab to the Place field and fill in the location where the marriage was performed.
4. Enter the status.  If you would like to see a list of current and default entries, click the button to the right of the field.  (This field describes the status of the marriage when it ended, or, in some cases, that it was not really an official marriage.)
5. If you know that this couple had no children, you can check the This Couple Had No Children box.  This situation will then be shown on the Family View.
6. Add events related to the marriage (e.g., marriage bonds, license returns) in the Events field box.
7. When you are finished, click the Save button.
Other Options
  • You can enter notes for the marriage by clicking the Notes icon. 
  • You can attach pictures and sounds to the marriage by clicking the Pictures icon.    (See How to Add a Picture for more information.)
  • You can enter the source(s) of the information by clicking the Source icon.  (See How to Document Your Information for more details.)
  • You can add an address to the marriage by clicking the Address icon.     (See Adding an Address for more information.)
  •  You can use the pop-up calendar to assist you in finding dates by clicking the Calendar icon. The pop-up calendar also includes a date calculator that is useful in figuring birth dates, death dates, and ages when you have incomplete information.
  • You can add LDS ordinance information by clicking the Temple icon.  (See LDS Information for more details.)
  • You can change the wording options for the "Husband" and "Wife" labels on the Family View and report phrases for situations where traditional wording does not fit the relationship between a man and a woman.
  • You can edit husband or wife information by clicking their Edit buttons.

    (See Marriage Information for more details.)

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