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How to Add Additional Parents

In Legacy you can link an individual to more than one set of parents.  This might happen in the case of an adoption, for example.  You want to track both the biological parents and the adoptive parents.

To add an additional set of parents:
1. From the Family View, make sure the individual to whom you want to add parents is in either the Husband or Wife box.
2. Then, from either the Family or Pedigree View, right-click the individual's name and choose Add > Parents from the shortcut menu.  The Parents List is displayed:
3. Click the Add New Parents button.  A new set of parents, each with a name of Unknown is added to the Parents List.
4. Click on the Unknown & Unknown line and then click Add Father.  The Add Husband box appears.
5. Click Add a NEW person if you are adding a father who is not already in the family file, or click Link to an EXISTING person if the father is already in the family file.
6. If adding a NEW person, the Information screen appears, where you can enter his information.  If linking to an existing person, the Name List appears, where you can select the person's name.
7. To add the mother, click Add Mother and follow steps 5 and 6 again.
8. If you would like the new parents displayed on the Family View, highlight their names and click Select.
9. You may also cycle through alternate sets of parents in Family View by clicking in the background to the left of the husband's Parents box or to the right of the wife's Parents box.

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