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How to Add a Picture

You can add links to picture, sound and video files for each individual or marriage.

To add a picture to an individual:
1.  From the Family View, make sure the individual is in either the Husband or Wife box and then click the Media Gallery icon in the toolbar below their box.  The Media Gallery appears.
2. Click the Add Media button near the upper-right corner.  The Display Picture window appears and then the Load Picture window appears on top of it.
3. Locate and select the name of the picture you want to add.  (See Loading a Picture for more information.)  The picture is loaded and appears in the Display Picture window.
4. Add a caption, date, and description if desired.  You can also change other aspects of the picture if you like.  (See Loading a Picture for more information.)
5. Click the Close button to return to the Media Gallery.
6. You can continue adding new pictures by clicking the Add Media button.
7. When you are finished, click the Close button on the Media Gallery screen to return to the Family View.

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