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How to Add a Child

There are several ways to add a child in Legacy.

From the Ribbon bar:
1. Click Add Son or Add Daughter on the Add tab.
2. Click on the Add a NEW person or Link to an EXISTING person button on the Add dialog box.

From the Family View:

1. Make sure the correct parent(s) are displayed in the main Husband and Wife boxes of the Family View then:
2. Click or right-click inside any blank line in the Children box (located below the Marriage Information button). A shortcut menu appears. 

If there are no blank lines, either right-click on any line or click the icon in the upper right corner of the Children box. This icon is only displayed if there are no blank lines available.
3. Choose an option from the popup menu.
4. When you have finished adding or linking in the son or daughter, the name appears in the Child List.  You can continue to add additional children, up to a maximum of 60 per couple.

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