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   The search screen is reached by clicking the Search icon on the main view or the Search icon on the Name List.  You can also choose Find from the Search tab on the Ribbon bar.

You can search for individuals and marriages in many different ways.  Searches can be refined over and over again to get the specific group you are looking for.  The searches can be saved and reloaded for reuse.

There are five types of searches offered by Legacy.  Click on the heading to see detailed instructions on how to use each one.

Query By ExampleThis is a fill-in-the-blanks type of search.

Detailed SearchingFrom here you can get very specific about what you are looking for and you can combine multiple searches together.

Miscellaneous SearchesThese are specific pre-defined searches that help you find things like the oldest or youngest generation in your file and ends of lines for your ancestors or descendants.

Missing SourcesFinds all the individuals who are missing sources on one or more specific pieces of information.

Missing InformationFinds individuals who are missing various pieces of information, such as a given name or a birth date or marriage information.

Census List ..  Generates a list of people who can probably be found in a particular census for a particular location.

Saving Searches
You can save the current search criteria by clicking Save.  You are then prompted for a unique name.

Loading Searches
Click Load to load a previously saved search criteria.

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