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Family File Information

The Family File Information window shows you many statistics concerning the current Family File.

The Family File Information window is reached by choosing File Properties from the File tab of the Ribbon bar.

To view the Family File Information screen:
1. From the Help tab on the Ribbon bar, choose File Properties...

Version Number
The complete Legacy version-subversion number.

  To check out the QuickTip video on Which version of Legacy do I have?, click here.

The current build date of the Legacy version you have installed.

Customer Number
Your customer number as assigned by Millennia.  This is the number you entered during the installation process.  If you call for technical support, you will need to give this number to the person answering your call.

Current Family File Location
The complete drive and folder location of your current Family File.

Legacy Folder
The complete drive and folder location of the Legacy program files.

Content Information
The content section shows the number of:
Individual records in the current Family File.
Families (marriages).
Unique surnames (just for fun).
Alternate names (this will include any married names that are created if the option to generate them is selected.  Options > Customize > Data Entry > 2.8 Rule for generating default married names.)
Master locations
Master Sources
Source Citations
Master Events and how many people and marriages use them
Master media items and how many times they have bee linked
Event addresses
Mailing addresses
To-Do items and how many of each type

Printing a Report
You can print a report showing the information from this window by clicking the Report button at the bottom.  See Family File Information Report for more information.

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