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Event / Fact Report 

The Event Report screen (which is only available in the Deluxe Edition of Legacy) is reached by choosing Other Reports from the Reports tab on the Ribbon bar and then choosing Event Report.

To Print an Event / Fact Report:
1. On the Include tab, choose who and what you want to print. 
2. On the Options tab, select from the various formatting styles.
3. On the Filter tab, choose any options you want in order to narrow down the events printed. 

The options on each tab are explained below:

  • Events to Print - Choose from All Events, Only Tagged Events, Only Untagged Events, and Only this Event.  You can click the down arrow at the right end of the event field to view the Master Event Definition List and choose a particular event.  You can also choose to include events and master events that are marked as private.
  • Who to Print - Choose from including All Individuals on the report, Only Tagged Individuals or Only Individuals on the Search List.
  • What to Print - Choose from including Individual events and/or Marriage events on the report.
  • Report Style - When printing the information for each event, you can choose to use the event sentence definitions or to format the events in a list style, selecting the pieces of information to be included.

  • Private Notes - Prints the portions of the notes that have been marked as private by enclosing them in double square brackets. [[ and ]].  When including private notes you can also choose to have the brackets removed.

  • Formatting - There are various options for horizontal and vertical lines, shading of boxes, and the inclusion of RIN numbers, birth and death information and ages on the report.
  • Sentence Style - You can print the events with leading numbers, bullet points or nothing.
  • Title - Change the report title as desired.

    Select the Use the following Filter Options checkbox if you want to limit the events to be included on the report.  The following options are then available.
  • Date Range - Fill in the beginning and ending dates for the range you want to print.
  • Events with Dates -Limits the report to events that actually have a date.
  • Events with Locations - Limits the report to events that have a location.
  • Only include people who are not living - Limits the report to events for people who are marked as not living.

    Page Setup
    The Page Setup screen allows you to change margins, paper orientation, paper size, borders, headers, page numbering and footers.  (See Page Setup for more information.)

    Printer Setup
    Lets you change the page size before generating the report.  You can also change the target printer and its specific settings.

    Change Fonts
    You can specify the font name, size and style to be used in each section of the Event report.  See Report Fonts for more information.

    Where to Send the Report
    The report can be output to two formats.  Make your choice by clicking on the appropriate option button in the lower right.  The choices are:
  • Screen / Printer - Sends the report to either the Print Preview window or directly to your printer depending on whether you click the Preview or Print button.
  • PDF File - Generates the report, displays it in the Print Preview window and then creates an Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) file.  This file can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and easily sent to other people by e-mail.  (This feature is part of the Deluxe Edition only.)

    When you have set all the options for the report, click either the Preview button to see an on-screen view of the report before actually printing, or click Print to have it sent directly to the printer.

    To reset all the options on the Event Report back to their default settings, click the Reset button in the bottom-right corner.

    Note:  The report settings for the Event report are saved in a file called Event.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

    10-0126 : 20205 RK