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DNA Records (Deluxe Edition only)

The DNA Records screen (which is only available in the Deluxe Edtion of Legacy) is reached by clicking the button on an individuals Information screen.

Legacy lets you record the results of various DNA marker tests available to anyone.  Comparing the test results of different individuals can often indicate a common ancestor within a predicted number of generations.

Available Tests
The list of available tests is shown near the upper-right portion of the window.  These include most of the popular, commonly available tests.  As more tests are offered to the public, these are added to the list and appear in later updates of Legacy.  (If you know of a test that isn't on the list, please let us know so that we can add it.)  As each test name is highlighted, a description of that test is displayed below the box.

Adding a Test to an Individual
To add a test to an individual, highlight the test name in the Available Tests list and then click the Add button.  The test name then appears in the Recorded Tests window to the left.  You can add more than one test for an individual.

Filling in the Test Results
As you highlight a test name in the Recorded Tests box, the fields associated with that test appear in the Test Results window below it.  The Test Results box consists of two columns, Marker and Value.  The Marker column lists the marker names that are part of the test.  The Value column is where you enter the number value for each of the markers.

To enter a value, make sure the cursor is in the correct field in the Value column and enter the number using your keyboard.  You can move up and down the list using the cursor arrow keys on the keyboard or by clicking in any desired field using your mouse.  There should normally be a value for each marker, however, some markers have multiple values (shown with an "a," "b," "c," etc., and there may not be a value for each of these fields).

Removing a Test
To remove a test from the Recorded Tests list, highlight the test name you want to delete and then click the Remove button.  After confirmation, the test is removed from the list.

Getting More Information on a Particular Test
If you have an Internet connection, you can get more information about any test in the Available Tests box by highlighting the test name and then clicking the More Information button near the lower-right corner of the window.  This takes you to the company's web site.

Adding Notes
You can add comments for any test in the Recorded Tests box by highlighting the test name and then entering the comments in the Notes for this test box.  Each test can have its own comments.

Putting a checkmark in the Private checkbox at the bottom of the window tells Legacy that the test results are considered confidential and shouldn't be included on any report (unless the Include Private Events options is selected for the report).  Selecting the Top Secret option tells Legacy to never include the DNA test results on any report and to never export the results to a GEDCOM file.

Printing the Test Results
To print a simple report including the test name, description, values, and notes, click Print.  The report is displayed in the Print Preview window where it can be sent to your printer if desired.