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Detail Tab (on the Name List or Search List)

The Detail tab shows several pieces of information about the currently highlighted individual in the Name List.  As you click on different people, the detail information changes.  Below the detail lines is a three-generation pedigree chart with the current individual as the starting person.

The Detail tab is reached from the Name List which is displayed by choosing Name List from the View tab on the Ribbon bar.  When the Name List is displayed, click the Detail tab.

Customizing the Information Shown
There are eight lines on the right half of the Name List window that can contain detail information fields about the currently highlighted individual in the list to the left.  Each of these information lines can be changed to other fields you might want to view instead.  To make a change, right-click on any of the field labels to the left of the field.  This brings up the customize screen where you can choose any eight fields you want to display.  When you leave the Name List, the customized settings are remembered.

Using the Pedigree Chart
The three-generation pedigree chart is "Live" and can be used for navigation within the Name List.  The chart shows the main person, his or her parents and their parents (the grandparents of the main person).  A "+" to the right of a grandparent means that that person has parents.  If you click on the name of a parent or grandparent in the chart, the Name List jumps to that person and the pedigree chart is redrawn.  If a blue button appears to the left of the main person, that means that there are children.  Clicking the blue button jumps to the preferred child of the main person and the chart is again redrawn.  In this manner you can navigate through family lines without leaving the Name List.

In the bottom-left corner of the Detail tab is a Picture icon.  If this icon is colored, it means that the current individual has one or more pictures, sounds, videos, or documents attached to them.  Clicking the icon brings up the Media Gallery displaying the pictures.  The Gallery can also be used to add pictures, sounds, videos, or documents.

The Detail tab is part of the Name/Search List that can be reached by clicking the Name List   icon button on the My Toolbar tab of the ribbon bar.

 Click here to return to the Name/Search List help screen or the Search List help screen.

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