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Deleting an Individual

What Does It Mean to Delete Someone?
When you delete an individual it totally removes that person from the Family File and also removes any links between the individual and any other person in the file.  Before completing this command, Legacy displays a window warning of the consequences and listing all the people from whom this individual will be unlinked.  These include parents, spouses and children.  If you are sure that you want to continue, click Yes.  If you want to abort the command, click Cancel.

What Effect Will it Have?
Deleting a person can have several effects.  The person will no longer be listed as a child of their current parents.  The person will no longer be listed as a parent to their children.  The children will no longer be connected to their grandparents.  Before deleting a person, make sure it is what you really want to do.  Once a person is deleted, the only way to get that individual back is to re-enter them from scratch.

To delete an individual, right-click on the person and choose Delete…  You will be prompted for confirmation and shown all the people the individual is linked to.