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Customized HTML Headers and Footers

You can customize the header and footer areas of your web pages by adding your own HTML code.  For example, you can add a nice Legacy banner that your visitors can click to navigate to the LegacyFamilyTree site and download their own copy of Legacy.  There are many graphics available on the Legacy web site at:

Open your browser and navigate to this page.

To add a Legacy button, banner, or animated GIF to your genealogy Web pages:

1. Highlight, copy and paste the HTML code that accompanies the image you want into the Custom Footer box on the Links tab in Web Page Creation window.
2. Select the checkbox Include a Custom HTML Footer on each page.
3. Click Create Web Page. Your pages will be created, but the image will not be in the project folder at this point.
4. Right-click on the image you want and a popup menu will appear.
5. Select Save Picture As and the Save Picture window will open.
6. Browse into the project folder and click the Save button. (The project folder is the Web Page Location shown on the Project tab of the Web Page Creation window.)
7. Open your newly created web pages from the project folder and the linked Legacy button will now show at the bottom of each page.