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Customize the Display Fields on the Family View

The Husb and Wife boxes on the Family View show up to five pieces of information for each person.  These default to Birth Date and Place, Christening Date and Place, Death Date and Place, Burial Date and Place, and the Cause of Death.  You can choose different fields to display.

To customize the fields on the Family View:
1. Right-click on any of the five labels in either the Husband or Wife box.  The Customize Family View Information box appears.
2. To change a particular field, click the Select button to the left of it.  The Field Names to Display window appears from which you can select what you would like to display.  If you want to blank out a line, choose blank - display nothing at the top of the list.
3. Highlight the desired line and click Select.
4. If you want to display a particular Event entry on a line, highlight the Event… line and click Select.  The Master Event Definition List appears where you can select the name of the event you want to include  (for example, Occupation).  Click Select.
5. When you are finished choosing the fields, click Close to return to the Family View.  The newly select fields are then displayed.

Resetting the Defaults
To reset all the fields to the default set, click the Defaults button.

Saving Custom Field Sets

You can save sets of display fields for future use:

1. Set up the fields the way you want them (as explained above).
2. Clicking the Save button.  
3. Choose the location where you want to save by highlighting one of the ten available lines.
4. Enter a name for the set in the Name field at the bottom.
5. Click Save.

Loading Custom Field Sets

To Load a set of fields:
1. Click the Load button.
2. Highlight the desired set.
3. Click Load.  The fields are loaded and displayed in the Customize Display screen.