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Customize - Other

   The Other Settings are reached by choosing Customize from the Options tab on the Ribbon bar and then clicking on the Other Settings option on the menu panel.   (See Customize Options for a summary of the customization options.)

12.1 Printing Private Individuals, Events, Notes
The default setting for printing Private information on reports is Off.  In other words, you have to specifically check the Include Private ... options to have private individuals and information included on a report.  If you would like to have your setting for printing Private information saved when you leave the report menu and restore then next time you open it, choose Retain the setting until changed.  If you want the printing of Private information turned back Off each time you exit the report menu, choose Reset to Off each time the report menu is opened.  (This is the safest setting to use as it is easy to forget that you had temporarily turned it On.)

12.2 Report Credit
Prints a credit line at the bottom of reports by default.  The credit line can be changed and turned on or off individually for each report.

12.3 RIN Warning
When importing a PAF or GEDCOM file, Legacy tries to use the same RIN numbers that are contained in the files.  If a RIN is already being used, Legacy advises you of this if this option is checked.

12.4 Custom User ID Numbers
This option creates and automatically fills in a custom user ID number containing the RIN (for individual record IDs) or MRIN number (for marriage record IDs) and optional text.  This ID number can be placed in all User ID fields or just those that are currently empty.  If you would like to first remove all existing user IDs, click the Clear All User IDs button.  To apply your custom number to the selected fields, click Apply.

12.5 Message Boxes
Many message display windows in Legacy have checkboxes that can be used to turn messages off so they don't keep reappearing in the future.  Examples of these are: being prompted for confirmation each time you quit Legacy, or being prompted to make a backup every time you import a file.  To turn these messages on or off, click the Turn on or off Optional Reminder Messages button.  (This is the only way to turn them back on.)

12.6 Changing Help Files
When you change from one language to another, Legacy automatically switches help files to match the selected language.  If you want to see help in a language different from the Legacy user interface language, click the Change Help File button.  From the list of available help files, highlight the one you want and click Select or, if you want to always use a specific help file, highlight it in the list, click the Always use the selected help file option at the bottom of the screen, and then click Select.

Note:  This option is only visible if you have two or more languages installed with Legacy.

Saving Your Settings as Future Default Values
You can save the option settings you have selected to be future User-Defaults.  See How Legacy Saves Option Settings for more information.

Changing the Settings Back to Their Default Values
You can change the customize options back to their default settings.  See  How Legacy Saves Option Settings for more information.

For information on the other sections in the Customize area, see:
General Settings
Data Entry and Edit
Data Format
Data Defaults

(See Where to Find an Option for a complete, alphabetized list of each available option and where to find it.)

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